Abused but not broken…

Day 25: 100 Day Happy


Today (and the past few days) I’m happy for spiritual connections and good friends to offer encouragement. Things look so much better when you’re spiritually healthy versus how bleak things can seem when you’re not. I remember at times to smile and press through all on my own. At other times I can feel so terribly alone and like I’m sinking. In those times someone always says or writes just the thing I need as a reminder. And it hits home if I pay attention. So today I’m enjoying this song as it resonates in my spirit.

Day 21-24: 100 Days Happy

Ok somehow I believe you aren’t supposed to group days for this challenge, however I’m doing it my way! My kids and I went on a mini vacation to Orlando with a dear friend we haven’t seen in a few years. It was so great to kick back and relax, I needed that in the worse way (thanks friend). We spent a day at Universal Studios where all of our children had a blast. They were all terribly exhausted at the end of the day (so were we) but in a very happy and satisfied way. It was wonderful! I love to see my babies smile, thoroughly enjoyed seeing my friend, and loved the time spent with his son as well.

So here are my past 4 days of happy’s:

Day 21: safe travels down to Orlando

Day 22: The misting fans at Universal Studios!! 

Day 23: My friend’s safe return home

Day 24: Recovery time and physical therapy

Yep that sums it up….now to apply ice to my back. I’m paying for this bit of fun.

Day 20: 100 Days Happy

Today I’m just happy to be alive. Today I’m not depressed. Today I’m not exhausted. Today I’m not sad. Today I just am. And that makes me happy. 

Day 19: 100 Days Happy


I am an organization freak! I’m told it’s a part of my control issues (thanks to my old shrink for that bit of info). Well this school year is going to be a busy one and it’s only just started. Band, ballet, volunteer hours, doctor appointments, homework, youth group…..and that’s just my kids! Ugh…it’s enough to make my head spin.

So today I’m thankful for the one thing that may keep me sane: my calendar.


**this isn’t my personal calendar, it’s a google image**

Day 18: 100 Days Happy


Today was a good….no, a great day. Do you have to choose just 1 thing to be happy about for this challenge?? Well today I can’t. Today I went from a miserable, but proud mommy taking my children to school to just an incredibly proud and happy mommy and wife. I spent time with my children this evening. I watched them interact, listened to them laugh, had great heart to hearts with my oldest….and he listened! Even more, he responded thoughtfully. 3 points for mom: 1 point for the teen!! lol 

I also had a very heartfelt conversation with my husband and that is always a good thing. But ever so often you have a moment with a person that is recognizably the start of a new phase of your relationship. Today was such a day for us. And it was beautiful and comforting and just wonderful. I’m constantly amazed at how many levels understanding we are able to find. 

So I guess if I have to choose just 1 way to sum up today’s happy then I’ll say today it was my family. My own little piece of happiness that is my everything. What are you happy for today?

If she flinches….

Someone posted this on FB and my own picture popped into my mind. Oh how hard it is for others to understand…

I’ve actually missed the past 2 days with all of the last minute back to school organizing. So instead of making up those 2 days I’m just going to start again where I left off. Today I’m happy for being here to watch my babies grow up. This first day of school is harder than the last one was for me. My youngest is starting school this year and I’m having the normal mommy weepy eyes. A lot is for normal mommy reasons, seeing your kid leave the nest. But some is because it was entirely a possibility at one time that I wouldn’t be here to see this day. Not that I didn’t want to see them grow up, I just didn’t want to live at one point. But here I am. Blessed beyond words and getting to watch my baby start school. Depression didn’t beat me. So here’s to the first day of school….


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